Buy Note

How to use Interest Radar’s FOLIOfn® interface to create an order to buy notes in the trading platform:

  1. Log in to Interest Radar and open the Analysis screen
  2. Check the FolioFn Listings box
  3. Select the filters to apply to the notes from any of the filter groups
  4. Run your selection
  5. In the results table, you’ll notice the last column is titled Buy and has two links in the header: login folio and view order
  6. Click the login folio link to open a new window with Lending Club’s trading platform search page. If you’re not logged in to Lending Club yet you will be asked to do so
  7. To be able to add any note to your order, select all option (Never Late, Now Current, Now Late 16-30 and Now Late 31-120) and execute the search
  8. Go back to the Analysis screen and do your shopping. Make sure to view the loan details both in Interest Radar and FOLIOfn® to gather all information about the payment status of the loan
  9. When you’re certain you want to buy a note, click the Buy link from the Buy column. The previous window that was opened for Lending Club will show the message {“selectNoteResult”:0}. This is normal
  10. Sometimes notes get sold in the platform but are still listed in Interest Radar until the next data refresh. To confirm that the note was still active and added to your order, click the view order link in the header of the Buy column
  11. When you click the Buy link, Interest Radar records your selection and will show two different links for that note: Cancel and Clear
  12. If you decided not to buy that note, you can click Cancel to remove the note from your order
  13. If you closed your Lending Club session or it timed out and you need to add the note to the order again, you can click Clear and the Buy link will appear again
  14. You also have the option to Discard the note, so that you know you already reviewed that note information and decided not to buy it
  15. Keep shopping for notes until satisfied (back to step 7)
  16. Click view order and close your order

It is very important to review all information in Lending Club to make sure the attributes showing in Interest Radar are correct. Due to timing issues (payments failing, status changes etc.), the information in the loan page may be incorrect. Interest Radar offers no investment advice and does not guarantee any of the information provided and the service is offered as a convenience to the users only. Purchasing a note is a transaction involving uncertainty and risk. From FOLIOfn®‘s page:

Notes are highly risky and only limited information is available about them. They are suitable only for investors whose investment objective is speculation. You could lose most or all of the money you invest in them. FOLIO Investing has no role in the original issuance of the notes and is not responsible for and does not approve, endorse, review, recommend or guarantee the notes or the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any data or information about the notes.


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