Improvements to the Investing Controls

Today a few improvements have been added to the Analysis screen, to help picking the loans to invest.

  • The loans in the table of Current Listings can be sorted by clicking over the column header
  • You have now the “Hide Invested” option, that when selected will filter out loans that you either discarded or invested in
  • Under the “My Investments” column header, you have a “clear” link that will reset your discarded and invested selections (but if you have a note invested in the loan, it will still show as invested)
  • The ROI in the list is now calculated based on the average loss rate for the score assigned to the loan

If you have suggestions or feedback, please send an e-mail to webmaster at interestradar.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Improvements to the Investing Controls

  1. You are doing a lot of great work here. Recently I have been using your Analysis section and I have found a lot of great loans, but your site says they are 50-60% funded but when I click on the actual loan on Lending Club I find out that it is already 100% funded. Occasionally I can find one that isn’t 100% funded but the percent funded shown on your site doesn’t match the percent funded on the LC site.

    How often does your site poll the data from Lending Club? Am I doing something wrong in the Analysis section? It seems that recently some of the best low risk D, E and F loans are getting funded within a day or two now.

    • Thank you for the positive feedback.
      The data is polled many times a day, including each of the times Lending Club [allegedly] updates the files. In practice, I’ve noticed they seldom update any time other than around 10:30 AM EST. So, during the rest of the day, there is no reliable way to update the % funded in Interest Radar, and of course as people invest in loans, they reach 100% and we don’t know it.
      What I found to work is to do my investments as soon as Interest Radar sends the morning e-mail with the hits. The e-mails are sent immediately after new data is received, so the information is really fresh.
      And yes, more investors are willing to bet in riskier D, E, F and G loans. Performance data is, so far, on their side.

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