Show: Current Listings

After you’ve decided how you want your loans filtered, it’s time to go ahead and put your money to work. In the Analysis screen, you will do that by checking the Current Listings display option.

The list of loans will show you the following information (and you can click the header to sort the list):

  • LoanID: The account number for the loan in LendingClub. You can click this number to see a popup with more detailed information on the loan
  • Age: How long since loan was listed (or the word “new” if listed within the last 48 hours)
  • Grade: LendingClub’s credit grade
  • Interest Rate: Interest rate that will be charged
  • Loan Purpose: The purpose input by the applicant
  • State: The state of residence of the borrower
  • Loan Length: Number of months in the loan term
  • Title: The title of the listing, input by the borrower
  • Total Amount: Total amount requested by the borrower
  • % Funded: How much is already funded by investors, at the time the information was obtained from LendingClub. The list is updated every hour from LendingClub. Sometimes a listing may show as active here, but it’s already 100% funded in LendingClub, due to timing. In that case you won’t be able to invest in that note anymore, and LendingClub will show the message “0 notes added to your portfolio” when you click on the quick invest link (see below)
  • Funding Hype: Interest Radar’s proprietary measure of the speed in which this listing is being funded. The faster the funding, more green arrows up you’ll see. If the funding is going too slow and the loan has a chance of not being 100% funded before expiring, then you’ll see red arrows pointing down. Blank mean average funding rate. This field may indicate to you that other lenders may be considering this a low-risk loan
  • Average Invested: How much in average each investor funded the loan. Sometimes the funding hype may have a distortion: an investor may have put so much money in the loan that it appears like a tens or hundreds of investors are confident on the listing. You can detect this behavior looking at this column. Considering that most investors will put $25, and some wealth or corporate investors may have to put 10 to 50 times that to meet their investment goals, it’s safe to assume an average of up to $1000 considering the mix. If you see an average of more than that, it’s not really a hype of several lenders, but one lender that got really excited about the listing — and that’s not a very rational trend to follow
  • Amount Requested Ratio: The ratio between the amount being requested and the revolving balance as per the credit report. The normal behavior for debt consolidation is to see a number around 1.0 in this field, as we assume the borrower needs the loan to pay off all the credit cards. A percentage too low (less than 0.2) or too high (over 1.5) is an indication that something unusual is going on with the loan (if it’s for debt consolidation purposes)
  • Estimated Loss Rate (Words): Interest Radar will help you analyze the description entered by the borrower, rating the words or sentences that showed in the past that are related to a high loss rate. You can click on the number to see the analysis behind it. More on this subject later
  • Score: The IR01 score assigned to that loan
  • Estimated ROI: The interest rate minus the estimated loss rate of your filter selection, minus the average loss rate for that score range. The table is initially sorted by this column
  • My Investment: This will help you keep track of your decisions in regard to this note:
    • Invest: If you have not taken any action yet, this will be a link to LendingClub’s investment button, so you can add the note to your shopping basket at LendingClub with just a click. You must be logged in to LendingClub before clicking. You can also control how much you want the one-click investment to be; the default is $25 but you can change that in the Quick invest amount below the Current Listings option
    • Added to Order: This means you have already clicked to add the loan to your order in LendingClub. Until you upload your notes.csv file in the My Portfolio page, the confirmation of the investment won’t appear in the column
    • Amount: When you see an amount, say $25, it means your notes.csv file already has this loan already invested
    • Discarded: If you decide this is not a good loan to invest in and click Discard, the link to invest will go away and the word Discarded will show up in this column. You may clear your discarded selection clicking “clear” in the column header

Only the first top 50 loans in the criteria are displayed. You must narrow your search or change the order of the list if you want to see more loans.


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