My Portfolio – Portfolio History

For the current month, the Portfolio History box will keep track of each notes.csv file uploaded, with the exception of duplicate uploads during the same day. When you upload a notes.csv file for the second time in the same day, the previous uploaded file will be replaced.

For previous months, only the last upload of the calendar month is displayed.

The columns in the table are:

  • Date: The month and day the data was uploaded
  • Notes: The number of notes in the uploaded file
  • Principal: Remaining principal for all notes
  • Avg Rate: Weighted average interest rate of all notes
  • A-G: Percentage of the principal invested in each credit grade
  • 36, 60: Percentage of the principal invested in each loan term
  • Issuing: Amount committed to loans that are either in funding, in review or that were issued but the first payment is not yet due (these last ones are shown as Current in LendingClub)
  • Performing: Percent of the issued principal (i.e. loans issued over a month before) that is current or in a performing payment plan (payments are coming in)
  • Late/Default: Percent of the issued principal that is not current, but is not charged off yet
  • Charged Off: Percent of the issued principal that is charged off
  • Fully Paid: Total amount of payments received on loans that are fully paid

3 thoughts on “My Portfolio – Portfolio History

  1. Rev:
    When I upload my notes.csv file the results do not appear on the web page. I am logged into your site. Are there some settings I need to change in Firefox?

    • Scott,
      What normally happens is that users open the file in Excel and save it before uploading to IR. Excel changes the format of the file slightly, but in a way the parser is not able to interpret it correctly. Please try just downloading the file and the uploading it immediately to IR and let me know if that works.
      If you need to combine files, I recommend you use a text editor, like Notepad++, to do that. It won’t mess up the the format like Excel does.

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