My Portfolio – Portfolio Breakdown

The Portfolio Breakdown box will show your notes from your most recent uploaded notes.csv broken down by your LendingClub Portfolio tag, and by the Strategies you have saved in your profile.

After either the Portfolio name or the Strategy name, the columns in the tables are:

  • Notes: The number of notes in the uploaded file
  • Original Investment: Amount you funded
  • Principal Remaining: Your fraction of the unpaid principal balance of all the loans
  • Issued Principal: Your fraction of the unpaid principal balance of all loans issued at least one month before
  • Payment To Date: Total amount received for the notes
  • Avg Rate: Weighted average interest rate of all notes
  • Loss Rate: Percent of principal considered lost, calculated based on the current status of the loans
  • Monthly Payment: Expected monthly income of notes in issuing or current status
  • Avg Term Remaining: Weighted average number of months for the maturity of the notes

2 thoughts on “My Portfolio – Portfolio Breakdown

  1. Rev,

    How do we define a ‘strategy’ and in which profile – LC or IR? I’m segregating my notes by strategy using ‘porfolios’ but don’t see any references to strategy on LC.

    • The strategies are defined in Interest Radar. In the Analysis page, set your filters the way you want and run the selection (select a predefined strategy from the shop page), and then save the strategy to your personal strategies using the input box and save button to the left of the filters.

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